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DOT NET Introduction

Dot net is one of the most excellent frameworks designed for creating various desktops, windows, web applications and it is one of the most conventional programming languages in the web application field. Dot net framework helps you to create even complex applications and it is also used for building dynamic web application. To understand more about dot net and to develop a web application by yourself we recommend you to do training in dot net. Taking training on dot net will help you to start your profession as a dot net developer. There are several education institutes which offer dot net training, to build your career in dot net you should choose the best and reputed training institutes. FITA is one of the leading Dot Net Training in Chennai which imparts better insights on dot net framework by providing real time training with real time projects.

Even though Dot net is comprised of numerous sub technologies (XML, ASP, OOP, WDSL, SOAP, and UDDI) and several programming languages (C++, VB, J#, C#) it guarantees smooth and perfect compilation on any computers running on Windows operating systems. In order to build any application using the dot net platform it is suggested to have 3 necessary components:

  1. Programming languages like VB.NET, C++, C#, J# etc.
  2. Several Development environments like Visio, Visual studio.NET.
  3. Library classes for building web services, windows desktop application and web applications.

While developing dot net applications you can also use several Enterprise dot net servers (Exchange 2000, SQL Server 2000 etc.) which offer email, database storage functions and B2B applications. The dot net framework is a significant part of the dot net environment; it acts as an interface between the operating system and the dot net applications. Dot net framework module consists of libraries, compilers and other executable records that helpful in running dot net applications. Dot net offers several tools that you can utilize in other programs and gives simple access to databases which allows the developer to use additional graphical elements. System.Windows.Forms namespace encloses tools to enable the performance of GUI elements. The GUI elements help you to promptly design and build various interactive User interfaces.

Dot net also offers classes that contain most of the frequently used functions which all programmers will need it handy on an everyday basis, thereby reducing web application development time. So dot net is the most preferred technology by professionals for creating web based applications in a short period of time.  Dot net is a simple language but it can be used to create highly secured applications. Therefore choose a best dot net training institute, get trained in real time and become a dot net professional.

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