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Role of Asp.Net in Web Development

Microsoft .Net is a software framework used to create application for Windows Operating System. This sophisticated framework is the fundamental offerings of Microsoft Corporation. Dot Net is well supported by tools and libraries that assists developers to create enterprise and windows application very fast and much easier. This programming language facilitates end-users by deploying software applications or systems with higher capability, security, best performing and quality. Dot Net Framework must be installed on the personal computers to run .Net applications. Being most used development platform, it offer huge career opportunity for professionals in leading software development industries. Thus, .Net Training in Chennai from reputed IT academy will assist you to start your career as Dot Net professionals.

Asp.Net is a platform comes with Microsoft .Net framework. This platform is used for building dynamic and powerful websites and web-applications. Applications developed on Asp.Net are compatible with other languages like VB.Net, J# and C#.  This framework is called as web forms, where code are compiled and stored on the server for offering better performance. It gives the developers the flexibility of building and developing powerful websites and applications, while creating applications, you can make use of Asp.Net server control to create user friendly interface and use them for common tasks. This advanced feature allows developers to build web forms rapidly and make use of pre-build components and libraries.

Advantages of using Asp.Net for web development:

Easy Programming Model: Asp.Net helps developers to create dynamic and highly interactive web applications lot easier. The advanced Asp.Net server controls allow developers to use declarative programming that reduces the coding part.  Applications development on Asp.Net is compatible is most of the web browsers.

Flexible Language Support: Asp.Net allows you to leverage your current programing skills to build web applications. Now, this framework supports more than 25.Net language which offer indispensable flexibility to developers.

Great Tool Support: You can explore the power of Asp.Net by using any text editor. But .Net Visual Studio features lot of tools that adds productivity of the developers. You can create dynamic web applications using drag-drop techniques and enjoy incredible support from the online community. The Enterprise Edition of visual studio offers life-cycle features that assist developers to plan, organize, design, develop, test and develop web application fast.

Rich Class Framework: Applications that require 3-rd party components or complex coding part can be developed using few lines of codes using the Asp.Net framework. This development platform features more than 4500 classes that supports rich features like XML, expressions, file upload, performance monitoring, transactions, logging, etc.

Rich Output Caching: Asp.Net output caching can significantly maximize the scalability and performance of your web applications. The output caching is configurable and it can be implemented based on the developer’s requirement.

Web-Frame Session Rate: Asp.Net allows you to share the user-specified value across all machines in your web application. With this features, user can reach different server within the application over multiple requests and still have full access on the particular session.

Maximized Reliability: Web applications developed on the Asp.Net is compatible with all leading web browsers. This development framework is capable of detecting and recovering from errors like deadlocks and other memory leaks issues automatically. It ensure you application is always accessible to end-users.

Easy deployment: This programming language takes out the complication of building and deploying server applications. Further, it simplifies the installation of the application. With this programming language, you can develop entire web applications using HTML pages and just upload it to server.

XML Services and Mobile Support:

XML services allow applications to communicate and share data over internet, regardless the programing language or operating system. You can implement XML services in your application with few lines of codes easily. In addition, applications developed on Asp.Net are compatible with mobiles and other portable gadgets.

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