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4 major advantages of HTML5

HTML5 trainingFour major advantages of using HTML5.

As taught in HTML5 training, HTML is the markup language which is the most advanced version of HTML. The full fledged version of HTML5 was rolled out in the year 2014 with some more advanced and added features making it the most advanced version of HTML. This is basically used for structuring the content for the WEB. Many misunderstood HTML as the programming language but this is not at all true. Now let us discuss some major advantages of HTML5, which were covered in HTML5 training in Chennai and see as to why the developers prefer HTML5 to build their website.

  • Crisp Interactivity: With the previous versions of HTML it was not possible for the web developer to add the video playing options, the integration with the social media websites and more over it was not possible to add the application where the swift applications were displayed. To do all this task the developer took help of the third party applications like Flash. By doing HTML5 courses in Chennai you will come to know that for doing this the developer needed to waste considerable amount of time which resulted in the delay of the process.

With the introduction of HTML5 all the videos, audios and high quality charts can be embedded without the use of any other third party plugins which saves the complexity and time for the developer to develop a website. This new feature of interactivity is the biggest advantage of HTML5.

  • Better coding: With the introduction of HTML5 the developers can now do better and cleaner codes to develop the website. The developer has the liberty to remove some of the div tags and to replace them with newer structural elements.
  • More focus on web application requirement: The main reason why HTML5 was developed is to deliver better web application with more efficiency. HTML5 training institutes in Chennai says that with the introduction of HTML5 it has become easier to build the real time charts, drag and drop tools and all the other functionalities which make the website interactive.
  • Good understanding to the semantics used: Be it HTML or HTML5 the elements which are used to code a web page are standardized. When the developer uses the new HTML5 codes then the semantic value of that page would be increased. Thus it would be easier to identify which part is the header, footer etc. Once it is defined easily the purpose is also known through machine reading.

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