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Cloud computing- a lookup

Cloud computing training in ChennaiHow cloud computing works?

Cloud computing training says that the concept of cloud computing was developed to apply the traditional computing power of the computers which are used for high technology oriented fields like defense or research. These types of high computing power should be made available to the users of the consumer oriented applications, where they can store a large amount of data using cloud. Keeping this in mind the concept of cloud computing was developed.

To successfully implement this, cloud uses the network of the computers which are part of large groups’ server. This system contains different types of system which are linked together. Cloud computing courses in Chennai informs that these are often the virtual techniques which are used by the clouds computing company.

Architecture of Cloud Computing.

To understand the cloud computing system better we should divide it into two parts, as covered in cloud computing training,

  • Front End
  • Back End

These are networked using the web or the internet. In simple words to understand the meaning of front end and back end we would say that, a front end is the user which is using our services using the cloud and back end means the cloud part of the system. Back end system is usually a bit technical.

The front end includes the user’s computer the mobile/ web application which are used to run the service.  Here it should be noted that not all cloud providers would have the same user interface.

As said earlier by Cloud computing training in Bangalore back end operations are bit technical, back end consists of all the data and data storage system which is used to form a cloud. A central server is set up to ensure the smooth functioning of the cloud. It is also used to monitor the traffic. This back end operations follow a pattern of rules which is known as protocols and this is done through software called middle ware. The communication among the networked computer is only possible because of the middle ware.

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