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New features of Informatica PowerCenter 10

Informatica Training in ChennaiAn industry upgrade gives an excitement for the users. Informatica PowerCenter version 10 is now released and it offers a great benefit for industry analysts. It is widely used as Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) tool. Every day new features are added in Informatica and that will helpful for business. Learn how to manage the business with Informatica Training in Chennai. Expert guidance is highly helpful for freshers and working professionals.

Latest Versions

Informatica new features are helpful for performance monitoring and standard features are helpful for Business Analyst. The new version offers an advanced development in Admin Console, Big Data Edition and much more. Generally, it requires 64-bit to upgrade the server.

A new version has great open-doors in data management and the enhancement connectivity with cloud services helps to store and access the data as whenever the user required.

What makes Informatica Version 10?

Informatica PowerCenter Version 10 comes with improved Metadata Management and Data Analyst. Compared to another one, Metadata management is 50 % faster than another one. New visualizations help to identify the better data and improved visualizations for data profiling and data discovery. Get to know more about new versions with Best Informatica Training in Bangalore. Expert guidance will be highly helpful to learn new versions about Informatica. Enroll today at FITA and learn more about new innovations.

This new version provides a fully integrated platform for all styles of data integration like Virtualization, ETL, data quality, testing and much more. The basic foundation of this version is intelligent data platform.

Features of Informatica Version 10

  1. Helps to improve performance and Administrator experience
  2. Hardware upgrade is mandatory for V10
  3. Helps to improve the designs with less effort
  4. Informatica V10 works on 64-bit environment and the minimum hardware requirement is also been increased.

ETL tool and Informatica are adapted to big data and most of the products are supporting to big data operations. Shifting ETL from one to another will helps to deal the data sets in an easy way. Learn about more new features about ETL tool with Informatica Training Institute in Chennai. Abinitio tools support for computer OS and it handles ssh between the system, system resource control, provides metadata storage, etc.

Quality is necessary for all products. Today, every organization are spending lots of money for data warehousing service and that helps you to make most powerful products in the short span of time. This shows that plenty of opportunities are available in Informatica domain. This is the right time to start your career in Informatica field. Enroll today at Informatica course in Bangalore, learn everything here and get a great job with good salary package.

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