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How does Hadoop help organizations?

Hadoop Training in Chennai

Hadoop is open-source software which helps to maintain data. Big Data and Hadoop are the miracles for both small startups and large MNCs. Yahoo is now using Hadoop for a search index, content feed processing, content optimization, ads optimization and much more. Every day Hadoop innovates a new one with great features. The big thing has happened in media industry, New York Times is now using Hadoop to make their PDF file. Hadoop and Big Data professionals are currently in great demand. It is very helpful to manage the large volume of data. Approach Hadoop Training in Chennai and learn more about Hadoop data analysis.

Hadoop is written in Java Programming language and it is written on a different platform. Currently, E-Commerce companies are using Hadoop to track the user performance. Hadoop and Big Data are the most important skills in today’s world.

Hadoop in Banking and financial services

Banks like PNC, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, etc. are working on different strategies around Big Data in banking.

  1. Data Analysis

Bank need to analyze the customer information in different forms such as by making calls, sending email responses, discussion forums, social media profiles, etc. Once clearing they will provide the loans. Hadoop is also used for other departments such as credit risk assessment, experience analysis, customer segmentation and much more.

  1. Fraud Detection

Hadoop helps to solve the challenging issues like financial crimes, data breaches, etc. Unwanted transactions, data analyzation, authorization, etc. At the same time, it alters the bank as if there is an issue in their work and it helps to avoid risk.

Hadoop in Healthcare Industry

In hospitals, people mostly take Diagnostic reports and X-rays. This is very helpful to get the exact report.

Hadoop in Telecommunications

Big Data and Hadoop are generally helped to generate reports. In telecommunications, we usually analyze the network traffic, performance and availability.

Big Data

Big Data defines the large volume of data, each and every day we are generating the data and we have to handle the data with good security. Learn and innovate new things with the guidance of Big Data Hadoop Online Training. Getting guidance from experts will be helpful to you to choose a great career.

Why Big Data and Hadoop?

Currently, most of the companies are now started using Big Data and Hadoop which helps to manage their data. It is impossible to handle a large amount of data with traditional databases. We have to use Hadoop and Big Data technologies to maintain the large volume of data and that was created by the users.

What do you need to know about MapReduce and HDFS?

If you want to learn more about big data and Hadoop, reach over at Big Data Hadoop Training in Bangalore. 8+ years of experienced candidates offer training to the freshers and working professionals with on-going projects. Use this opportunity and learn everything about Hadoop, getting training from this institute will be helpful to you.

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