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Top 6 AngularJS Frameworks for Web and App Development

AngularJS is a tool which helps to make JavaScript and it is mostly used for Web Application Development. In the current scenario, web and app creation is simple. Today every web application requires text and information. It is the most widely used framework in today’s market. Structural web application framework helps creators to build dynamic web pages with HTML code. For creating responsive web app it is necessary to know about HyperText Markup Language (HTML), JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). Learn more about framework through AngularJS Training in Chennai.

Here are the best AngularJS Frameworks for Web App Development

Angular Material helps to construct attractive, functional and consistent web applications and pages.

Angular UI

Angular UI is most widely used to design HTML5 powered mobile applications. It is optimized for Bootstrap and AngularJS, powerful libraries like overthrow.js and fastclick.js are also used. With this, you can design mobile user-interface which is useful to transform web to mobile-friendly applications.

Suave UI

It is most widely used UI frameworks which help to build the apps with advanced features. A user can take advantage of CSS (like grid, colored buttons), services and directives provided by Suave.


LumX is a front-end framework, it was designed by Google Material Design. It is based on MVC design pattern. It uses jQuery to improve the web app performance.


Ionic is a framework which helps to develop web and mobile based applications. This type of advanced framework is specially optimized with directives and it supports for CSS3 and HTML5 powered applications thus it offers rich user-interface.

Angular UI Grid

This framework is available in AngularUI suite. Generally, web developers choose Angular UI Grid to manipulate large sets of data. With this framework, an individual will get lots of benefits in their projects. They will also use a variety of customizable template, with this support a developer can change CSS. Get to know how helpful the framework is, AngularJS Online Course makes you more comfortable in web development process.

UI Bootstrap

Generally, web developers use lots of components. Dependencies like Angular-animate, Bootstrap, AngularJS and Angular-touch are used to develop the web. This bootstrap doesn’t use jQuery. Learn more through Angularjs Training in Bangalore, experts guidance is helpful to build the web in the short span of time. Use this opportunity, learn everything and enhance your skills in web and app development process.

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